Thursday, 23 January 2014

Wishlist #2 - Beauty Edition

January's been a lean old month, what with the expense of Christmas and having shelled out for my car insurance renewal too. I have my eye on a few beauty bits and bobs now though and am just deciding whether I should wait until payday (a week still seems so long!) or buy a couple of bits this weekend. That Boots gift card I got for Christmas may come in handy. Hm...

Anyway, here's what's popped up on my radar this week.

1. So I know these Revlon Colorburst Balms have been all over the beauty blogs this week to coincide with the official release. I wasn't all that excited from reading posts on them but I saw them in Boots yesterday and now I want. In the Matte I've got my eye on Audacious and Elusive, as shown in that order above. The Lacquers are slightly less appealing due to the glitter, but I may have a test of Demure. I really don't need any more lip products but as these aren't actual bullet lipsticks I've almost convinced myself it's okay. I'm going out for a friend's birthday on Saturday night so might get myself Audacious as a treat to wear then. Any excuse eh.

2. My skin has been really dry for the last few weeks so I want to try out the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Masque for some hydration. Anyone have any hydrating/moisturising face mask recommendations other than Origins Drink Up?

3. I absolutely love the LRP Effaclar range and the Effaclar Duo is a firm favourite and has played a big part in managing my acne and boosting my confidence. I could not sing its praises enough. So imagine my delight at hearing they've improved and enhanced the formula and are releasing an Effaclar Duo+ which does all the same things as the old favourite, plus more. This formula will apparently help with the blemishes, redness and dark marks left behind after a spot has disappeared. I cannot wait to try this as my skin marks really easily and often it's these marks which bother me more than the spots in the long run. I still have a full standard Effaclar backup to get through first though...

4. I would never fork out nearly £30 for the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray that everyone raves about but this Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray was named by Amelia as a great dupe, without the heaviness of lots of other products that make the same claims. I'm always on the lookout for bigger hair and hate the dry shampoo feeling so want to give this a whirl. I have to be honest though, my expectations aren't too high. Maybe I'll be proven wrong!

5. This is what I'm possibly most excited to try after reading about the shampoo in Stylist magazine on the tube home last's the new Loreal Elvive Fibrology thickening range. (Just as well really, as it's the cheapest of the bunch!). Now I know that these claims are there to hook us in, but consider me well and truly sold by the marketing. Like I said, I'm always looking for more oomph for my hair and the new technology in this range is supposed to beef up your hair fibres in a more lasting way than the volumising products that just coat them and ending up weighing it down. The effects even claim to last for 10 washes after you last used the products. Sounds too good to be true, but I'm being an optimist with this one. I didn't think the range was released until February but it's on Boots website already with an offer of 3 items for £10, so it's worth a go for my fellow limp-haired ladies! I'll definitely be getting the shampoo and conditioner sand maybe the booster too. And if it's good, then the others may follow suit. Watch this space! (Can you tell I'm very excited about this release?)

6. Lastly is a product that I have heard nothing about apart from a promo email that magicked into my inbox yesterday. This is the No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation. I'm not a huge No7 fan and have none of their foundations but the description fits exactly what I look for in a foundation: light coverage and really long-lasting. A combination that is near impossible to find on the high street. I am always open to finding replacements for the expensive MUFE foundation that's my daily go-to though, so I'm keen to give this a go. No7 foundations aren't the cheapest around though (I think this is about £13?) so I am reluctant to part with my cash until I've seen a couple of blog reviews and can get a better idea of whether it's any good. So please let me know if you've tried this foundation or seen anyone else mention it :)

So that's what I am currently craving from the beauty aisles. Any other recommendations? Or if you've tried any of these things and want to encourage my spending my telling me it's amazing (or alternately save my pennies if it was crapola) then please go ahead.


  1. i've just done a review on the revlon lip balms and i'm in love with them! i got demure, dont be put off by the glitter, its really subtle and if anything just makes your lips look glossier! got a giveaway for the 'striking' shade too xx

  2. Ah I just went and had a look at your review, definitely encouraged to buy them now :) x