Friday, 28 February 2014

Hello March!

So the short month of February has disappeared (payday today...hurrah!) and March has snuck up on us already. Here's what it has in store for me...

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1. Tomorrow I'm going to my boyfriend's gig to see his band play and having an evening of drinks with a friend to coincide and so she can keep me company. Haven't done this in a while so am really looking forward to it : )

2. Clocks going forwards. Sadly we will lose an hour of precious sleep time but it will mean that it should be a bit lighter in the evenings. I've been loving leaving work while it's still light outside so more of this please!

3. Slightly warmer and less wet weather? Maybe? I am itching to transition back into ballet pumps and lighter coats/jackets. Might be a bit optimistic for March though.

4. Hoping to kick my bum into gear with some some more exercise, particularly running. I've ordered some new workout clothes and bits and am feeling really positive about it. I just need to turn that positivity into actual movement! I live in a village with zero streetlights around and my running route is through the fields and woods - this does not make for a winter friendly run as I get a little spooked running through the woods even when it's light. The lighter evenings (fingers crossed that's soon) will hopefully help with this. Couch25K, I'm coming for you! I'm also tempted to buy Davina McCall's 'Fit in 15' DVD as I like how it's broken down into short concentrated easy chunks that you can bundle together for longer workouts too, and mix up cardio and strength. Does anyone have this DVD and is ti any good? I've never tried her workout DVDs before but I know they're pretty popular and I do really like Davina, so I have high hopes.

5. Work leaving 'do's. I'm not necessarily looking forward to these as I will really miss both of the people leaving and their departures signal quite a lot of change at work (which I don't take to very naturally...)

6. Hopefully a nice weekend away for me and Mark, because we could both do with a bit of a break and spending some time together.

What are you up to this March?

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