Monday, 17 February 2014

Primark Haul

In contrast to my student days, I haven't been in Primark in aaages recently. 
I'm not a Primark snob  - I always get my ballet pumps and some basics from here - I just can't seem to find the lovely items that other people do so had given up on it a bit. That said though, I went in last week with the intention of looking for some cheap bits for a work trip I was going on. I did get a couple of relevant bits but (as expected) also threw a few other items into my basket...

The striped t-shirt is just adding to my ever-expanding stripey top collection. I definitely didn't need it but it called to me from across the shop. And when asked, Mark said 'yeah that's nice, and you do love your stripey tops'. All the encouragement I needed.

Semi-hideous maxi skirt. I needed a long skirt for my trip, this was £1 on the sale rail and there were no others. Decision made. It does not look good on though so may be one for the donation bag.

The black bag I actually really like but just picked up as an easy and cheap across-the-body bag for my trip.

Then there are some basics: a sports bra, slipper socks and ballet pumps. All cheapy necessities. Some travel size Simple face bits for hand luggage-friendly travel. Finally I bought some fit bands as I had seen them on a fitness blog just the day before, so when I saw them in the shop I couldn't resist. I have no idea what I'm actually going to do with them though. Anyone actually use fit bands, and if so, what for?!

I think this all came to £26. Can't say fairer than that!

Has anyone found any gems in Primark recently? Should I persevere or do you just find toot as well?

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