Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Perfect Breton Striped Top?

I love a good stripey top and an increasing amount of my wardrobe space is taken up with stripes of varying colour and size. Finding the perfect striped top is a never-ending quest though.
They're always too fitted or too thick or way too baggy, or the stripes aren't quite right.

I spotted a couple of contenders last week though whilst doing a bit of browsing on my way to work and when I was waiting to meet some friends for tea.

LEFT: Next £20; RIGHT: M&S £22.50

Both were nicer in real life than the pictures are showing them as.
FYI: There is no denim/cotton strip on the bottom of the Next top, it’s just on the lining and on the sleeve cuffs.

The offering from Next felt like you were getting your money’s worth as it was quite a heavy material and presumably won’t mis-shape so easily in the wash. But having said that, maybe a bit thick for spring weather?

I’m undecided whether I’ll pick up either of these as, like I said, I think I might have reached my stripe quota.

Having said that though, I can always be tempted. Has anyone else spotted contenders for the perfect striped top? 

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