Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Week in Photos

(L-R, 1-9)

So here's what I've been up to this week according to Instagram. And apparently it involved a lot of eating and drinking!

1. I've been so good this year so far with bringing in my lunch from home...up until last week. I was short on time in the evenings and poor planning really does equal poor eating for me. Obviously Pret isn't a major sin, but my bank balance is much healthier without it!

2. I went to a Starbucks drive-through for the first time. This one has actually been there for a while but I've never felt the need before. I did feel very blogger-esque haha. Peppermint hot chocolate, in case you're wondering.

3. Standard post-work chill phase. Leopard print PJs and a top knot.

4. I did manage one decent homemade lunch. Used up what was in the fridge and ended up with bacon, onion and garlic pesto pasta. Very filling so no need for afternoon snacking, which is good. (On the same note, I have resisted the office biscuits every time someone has waved them around. Go me.)

5. I think I absorbed a mega dose of London germs on Wednesday and woke up on Thursday feeling all full of cold. I don't normally like to take medicines but I just didn't have time to be ill last week so majorly dosed up. Although I'm not sure how much it really helped. The germs have overstayed their welcome and can definitely go now.

6. Fat Friday lunch. Whoops. Friday is always our 'let's go buy something nice' lunch day but McDonalds is not the norm. My managers had it though and ate it around my desk, and after that I had the thought of french fries in my head.

7. I got this shirt in the New Look sales after Christmas and hadn't worn it until last week for some reason. I love the fit though and wish I'd bought it in another colour.

8. My sister came for a fleeting visit on Friday-Saturday which was lovely. We chatted wedding plans and helped her pick her dress, then on Saturday morning headed out for brunch. How cute are the tea sets they serve?

9. Highlight of the week for sure. Mark bought me tickets to see Taylor Swift at the O2 back in November for my birthday and it actually feels like the date came around pretty quickly. All I can say was the show was amazing. Obviously I'm a big fan, but aside from that the staging and everything was fantastic and she was really good live. What i hadn't anticipated was the crazy level of fan-dom that she attracts though. Wow. (I may have bought myself a comfy T Swift jumper for house wear...shhh).

What did you get you get up to?

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