Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Week in Photos

(L-R, 1-9)

So here's what I've been up to this week according to Instagram.

1. I dug this unloved dress out of my wardrobe for work and decided if I wore it and didn't like it then it could go straight to the charity shop. But I actually quite liked it with the shirt underneath.

2. Waiting for the train home. I feel like I spend half my working week on or waiting for trains!

3. Cosy clothes at home after a pants day at work.

4. This is the cute card that Mark got me for Valentine's Day. We keep it low key on 14th Feb but he also cooked dinner for me, which is a rarity so it was very much appreciated. Boy did good :)

5. I had a yummy chinese takeaway with friends in the week and caught up on trashy tv (Dinner Date anyone?). Despite eating a LOT of Chinese food we managed to squeeze in these profiteroles for puds. Unnecessary but good.

6. Mark and I popped to Cambridge on Saturday for a spot of boy clothes shopping. I love boy shopping as it involves all the fun with none of the expenditure (well, on my part anyway!). We then went to Byron for a lunch of yummy burgers. I love their courgette fries. I've never had room for a milkshake though, are they good? 

7. Despite being on a boy shopping mission |I did manage to try on a couple of bits in H&M. The sale items were buy one get one free and, although I usually avoid their sale rails, I did have a quick look. I love the colour of this shirt and almost left it behind as it was a big too big in the chest area but it was the only one and I liked it too much so for £4 I had to get it. Tucked away for some springtime sunshine...when it appears.

8. As you can see I also bought a couple of bits in Boots and stocked up on some good quality pants from M&S!

9. Sunday was a lovely relaxed day. We popped into Starbucks in our local town for peppermint hot chocolates and sausage sandwiches. I never get to instagram Mark, so here he is :)


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