Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beauty Haul

I took advantage of the 3 for 3 offer in Boots at the weekend and, despite not needing a single thing, bought myself a few treats.

Foundations are one of my favourite products to buy because although you don't get that instant and obvious gratification with something like a lipstick, the possibility of finding a new perfect base is pretty exciting (well, for me anyway...). I went out on a limb and bought my first ever Bourjois foundation, the 123 Perfect, but the jury's out. I need to give it a few more goes but so far it is a bit too matte on application and really clings to any dry patches. The search continues.

I decided to repurchase Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on a whim. I know everyone (and I do mean everyone) loves this concealer but I bought it when it first came out and was not impressed at all. In hindsight the shade I'd bought was too dark so went for the right one this time. I'll let you know the final verdict, but the coverage seems good. (As if you need me to tell you that...everyone reading this probably owns it!)

This L'Oreal lipliner in 'Always Toasted' mentioned by Anna here. I searched in a couple of Superdrug and Boots stores to look for this. So either Anna's blogpost spread the word far and wide or it's just a pretty popular shade anyway. It's not quite as light/nude as I would like and it isn't an exact match for my lip colour. But despite that it is still a nice colour to pair with the pinky nude lip products.

Sticking with lips, I repurchased the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipstick in 'Beehive'. This was also mentioned by Anna and really is one of those perfect, easy wearing ones that everyone can get away with. I dug out my old one when I got home (garish blue mirrored packaging? Nice) and I swear the two are slightly different colours, despite being the same shade. Has anyone else noticed this? Seems a bit odd! And I think the older colour is nicer.

I wear black liquid eyeliner every single day and, although I do have my favourites, I like to see what else is out there. This Bourjois Mega Liner is the felt tip pen than has a squared end and, although I'd seen it in the shops, I wasn't persuaded until I saw it mentioned by Lily Melrose here. Having worn eyeliner on a daily basis for a long time now, I don't struggle too much with achieving the look I want but I thought this might make application pretty foolproof. I was wrong. Despite Lily's ravings, I just cannot get on with this and it makes it so difficult to achieve any sort of neat line. This will be banished to my makeup drawer for a while after spending a lot of time wrestling with it on Sunday morning. I much prefer the Bourjois Liner Feutre pen. Anyone else tried the squared one and got on with it? Maybe I'm doing it wrong!

And here are the boring bits which usually get left out of posts like this but I thought I'd include them this time so I could note the following...

Elvive Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner is something I'm undecided on. This is actually a repurchase and I'm still mid-way through my first bottles of this stuff. Elvive makes some great promises with this range and I had high hopes but...I'm just not sure it's doing anything. But as I've been styling my hair differently in recent weeks I can't decide if it's made a difference or not. Anyone else bought this and noticed some pumped up hair volume?

Finally the most boring purchase, Right Guard deodorant. These are my go-to deodorants these days. I always buy them on offer (because, call me tight, but I begrudge paying normal deo prices!) and I like to alternate between these two for ultimate freshness. Strangely though, deodorants are something I do quite like buying and trying new ones of so if anyone has one that they swear buy for staying dry then let me know. After all, the hot months are approaching!

Who else has been taking advantage of the 3 for 2 deals and stocking up on a little more than they need?

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