Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Week in Photos

(L-R, 1-9)

So here's what I got up to last week according to Instagram.

1. The weather was sunny (as opposed to now...) so I re-found this top that I bought for the office last summer.

2. Granola for my at-desk breakfast every day. I think I prefer muesli so won't be buying that one again. Bit too sweet and heavy for me!

3. I had an hour to kill waiting for my boyfriend after work one evening and ended up wandering around Tesco discovering the bits you don't normally buy. As well as a couple of things from the clothing section, I picked up Cadbury's new offering as I was intrigued. Verdict = SO good.

4. The dress I had bought online for my sister's wedding arrived (I'm a maid of honour!) and I was really excited to try it on... but sadly I don't think it's 'the one'. Most importantly, I can't breathe in it (too many McDonalds?) but there's also just too much material in the bottom half and I wanted something a bit lighter and more floaty. The search continues. My only definite requirements are purple and floor length. Any suggestions?

5. I went for a stripey top (of course) and some acid green leopard print on Saturday. I know this scarf isn't everyone's taste but I love it!

6. A foot-long sandwich definitely didn't come before that cookie...

7. On Saturday Mark and I had a date night at Prezzo and it was really lovely. We eat out a lot together but we don't have designated 'date nights' very often. The food was delicious and the wine was lovely. Oh and the company wasn't too bad either. Thanks Mark!

8. I bought this Revlon Matte lip pencil in 'Audacious' back when they first came out, wore it that evening for cocktails and haven't worn it since. I have no idea why because I wore it on Saturday night for our date and loved it. My new favourite 'going out' lip product. It's a lovely orangey red shade that feels much more fun then your classic red lip for me. It's staying power was good and most importantly it wore off well and didn't leave me with a silly lipstick rim by the main time dessert came. Might pick up a more day time shade too...

9. Another snap from Saturday (what can I say, my weekdays are boring). Mark photobombed a quick photo I was taking before we left.

What did you get up to last week?

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