Monday, 31 March 2014

Week in Photos

(L-R, 1-9)

So here's what I got up to last week according to Instagram.

1. I picked up a small New Look order that I'd made before the weekend. I couldn't resist the Harry Potter jumper, even if it was from the kids range.

2. Lazy Starbucks on a Sunday before I popped back home to spend the day with Mumma bear.

3. I wore my new gingham shirt for a day of interviews at work. Interviews are exhausting. The shirt was a winner though.

4. Obligatory weekly trip to Pret. There wouldn't usually be much to say here but I tried their duck wrap for the first time and it's my new favourite. Delicious.

5. I am incapable of putting hair rollers in like a normal person. They just don't stay. And the effects had disappeared after about 10 mins, so it was kind of a waste of time. I'm tempted by the Enrapture heated ones, especially for the fact that I won't have to pull velcro through my hair any more. Ouch. Are these worth the money? 

6. I love reading the free Stylist magazine every week during my commute. Although there were a few statements in this week's issue which really wound me up, I really enjoyed the pages of uplifting quotes they included. Some good 'words to live by' phrases, especially if you're having a bit of a pants day.

7. On Saturday we went to Greenwich, hence the photo of me in front of the Cutty Sark. I've never been before and absolutely loved it. It felt like we weren't in London (probably why I liked it so much) and it was a lovely low-key sunny day out. I was amazed by the stunning view of the city up by the GMT line too. Wow. It was like civilised London tourism and I definitely recommend it, whether you're just visiting the city for a couple of days or you live in London.

8. Mum started a new job a couple of weeks ago so for Mother's day I bought her some matching Cath Kidston bits to take to her new office.

9. Like I said, I spent Sunday at home with my mum and step-dad, chatting to them and pottering about and generally having a nice time. I don't get to spend many Sundays at home so really appreciated the extra time to sort my life out. Oh and do some ironing. Not so fun. I decided to burn one of the huge candles I got for Christmas whilst we had Sunday lunch. It smelt lovely (if not a little strong) but the 'soothing' crackling sound it supposedly made actually just sounded like white noise to me. A bit annoying.

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