Monday, 21 April 2014

Got Myself a New Makeup Bag

I’ve been on the lookout for a new makeup bag for a while now. I wanted something transparent, so I could see what I was looking for without hunting for it or tipping everything out, but I didn’t want it too big/too small or too cheap looking. I never saw anything that ticked those boxes so my makeup has been left looking sad in its current state.
Then I saw the perfect solution in Next when I was browsing at clothes I definitely didn’t need, so picked it up straight away.
And here it is. Yes, definitely a boring purchase and potentially a boring post subject. But I’m very pleased with it, so humour me.
I keep my everyday makeup in here (which I switch things in and out of every so often) and there’s room to throw a few extra bits and pieces in when I need to, for example if I’m taking a couple of lipstick choices with me for the weekend or plan on adding some eyeshadow to my makeup for the evening.

Next had some lovely other makeup bags of various sizes too, so if you’re in need of a new one that’s reasonably priced then it’s definitely worth a look.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Week in Photos

So here's what I got up to last week according to Instagram:
1. Adding a Naked juice to my at-desk breakfast. I love these but they're pretty expensive so I only ever get them as part of a Boots meal deal.
2. New luggage. I bought this super light suitcase for my week away with work. It survived the outward journey so that's reassuring. I was worried it would get destroyed in the hold.
3. Standard lunchtime for me these days. Stylist magazine and my favourite San Pellegrino. Back to homemade lunches next week though I think as my bank account could do with some TLC.
4. Preparing for my interns to start their time with us. Being in charge of other people at work? Scary stuff!
5. It wasn't that sunny at the weekend but I wanted to wear my new cami that I instagrammed last week. Layering it with a denim shirt was a good way to avoid the chill. I love this shirt, it's so comfy. I try to keep my double denim occasions to a minimum though.
6. I went for brunch with a friend of Saturday and had a nice catch up and these pancakes with bacon and syrup. Yummy but a bit sickly.
7. After brunch Mark and I went to Westfield in Stratford. As usual, we got Pinkberry on our way out. We then went to the cinema to see Noah. It was good, but it was about 30 mins too long and I probably wouldn't watch it again. I'd be interested to hear what other people with different views and beliefs made of it though!
8. We finally opened up the Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans that Mark bought me when we visited the Harry Potter Studio. Some of them were truly disgusting.
9. Sunday was spent having a Grey's Anatomy marathon on Netflix and packing for my trip this week.
This week I am away in North Africa on a work trip. I am not sure how 'instant' my instagramming will be but I am going to try to have 9 photos by Sunday to include here. So far so good with the trip though. Apart from almost being refused entry at passport control and having to attempt the plane landing twice before we could safely land...

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Week in Photos

(L-R, 1-9)

So here's what I got up to last week according to Instagram.

1. I bought this top to cheer myself up on a difficult work day last week. It's not like anything I would usually buy but it caught my eye in New Look so I went with it. Small floral print and rounded collar - 2 things I would never usually wear myself but this just worked.

2. I get a lot of time to read on my daily commute and alternate between real life books and my Kindle. Last week I started a humorous travel book about France.

3. I will buy anything and everything in this colour at the moment. I've been loving lime/acid yellow clothes since last summer and couldn't resist this in Dorothy Perkins.

4. Passport at the ready for visa applications and a trip away with work next week.

5. Rediscovered these little minions that my step-dad got for me last year. Love them!

6. Inspired by a photo on Marianna's blog, I dug my old ripped skinny jeans out of the wardrobe on Saturday and wore them turned up with leopard ballet pumps. The big rip is very close to coming apart though so I may have to do an repair job before I wear them again.

7. Pizza Express lunch. The Leggera pizza was just what I needed (ring of pizza with salad in the middle) and we had the sharing dough balls as a starter. Always a reliable meal here :)

8. This was the rest of my outfit on Saturday. Still channeling Marianna, I wore an oversized top to balance it all out.

9. I spent a little too much in Boots and Superdrug at the weekend (and forgot to use a gift card I had, silly!). I love unpacking my shopping bits and having another look at what I've bought when I get home from the weekend on a Sunday though. I have taken some photos for a haul post so that will be up soon.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hello April!

With a quarter of the year having raced off already, sunny April has now greeted us. Here's what I'm looking forward to and what the month has in store for me.

Source: weheartit (Please let me know if this image belongs to you and I will credit/remove as appropriate)

1. Trip to sandy North Africa: I finally get to take my work trip which was postponed in February. Excited and a bit wary at the same time. Should be fun though :)

2. Work shake-up: We've had a lot of change in my office at the moment. I am a creature of habit and do not naturally take well to change. Having said that, seize the opportunity and all that. My top-level manager (and favourite co-worker) has not left (marked by a suitably boozy lunch last week) and I shall be welcoming the introduction of interns. My interns, more specifically. Wow. Let's get that gin on ice already shall we?

3. I am loving the lighter evening that the clock change has brought and am very much looking forward to spring weather. Ballet pumps, short sleeves and light-weight jackets. Oh and the possibility that I might just be able to stop wearing vest tops as a permanent under layer.

4. Easter: Chocolate in an easter egg just tastes way better than in bar form. Fact. I'm going to confess that my Mum still does a little Easter egg hunt for me every year. But sadly this year I think I will be away during the Bank Holiday weekend (boo!) and will have to miss out. This also explains my non-excitement over the first Bank Holiday weekend of the year...because I will be away with work. I am sad about that but I will be somewhere warm and I can claim back the days as extra holiday. Mum will just have to save me some chocolate.

5. Now I know this is super nerdy/a bit tragic, but I am excited to be getting a new phone this month. I'm not a fiend for new technology and have been attached to my HTC Chacha (no one else in the world seems to have one of these) for the last 3 years. For 2 of which it has been on its last legs. I will sadly mourn the loss of actual qwerty keys but am sure this will shortly be overshadowed by having a phone that actually works. A compromise I'm willing to enter.

Cheers to you, April!