Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hello April!

With a quarter of the year having raced off already, sunny April has now greeted us. Here's what I'm looking forward to and what the month has in store for me.

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1. Trip to sandy North Africa: I finally get to take my work trip which was postponed in February. Excited and a bit wary at the same time. Should be fun though :)

2. Work shake-up: We've had a lot of change in my office at the moment. I am a creature of habit and do not naturally take well to change. Having said that, seize the opportunity and all that. My top-level manager (and favourite co-worker) has not left (marked by a suitably boozy lunch last week) and I shall be welcoming the introduction of interns. My interns, more specifically. Wow. Let's get that gin on ice already shall we?

3. I am loving the lighter evening that the clock change has brought and am very much looking forward to spring weather. Ballet pumps, short sleeves and light-weight jackets. Oh and the possibility that I might just be able to stop wearing vest tops as a permanent under layer.

4. Easter: Chocolate in an easter egg just tastes way better than in bar form. Fact. I'm going to confess that my Mum still does a little Easter egg hunt for me every year. But sadly this year I think I will be away during the Bank Holiday weekend (boo!) and will have to miss out. This also explains my non-excitement over the first Bank Holiday weekend of the year...because I will be away with work. I am sad about that but I will be somewhere warm and I can claim back the days as extra holiday. Mum will just have to save me some chocolate.

5. Now I know this is super nerdy/a bit tragic, but I am excited to be getting a new phone this month. I'm not a fiend for new technology and have been attached to my HTC Chacha (no one else in the world seems to have one of these) for the last 3 years. For 2 of which it has been on its last legs. I will sadly mourn the loss of actual qwerty keys but am sure this will shortly be overshadowed by having a phone that actually works. A compromise I'm willing to enter.

Cheers to you, April!

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  1. So many exciting things for you Hannah! Your own interns! A work trip to North Africa! ALL THE CHOCOLATE! Cheers to April indeed, I hope it's a good month for you!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer