Monday, 12 May 2014

Blog Rebrand

I have had a blog rebrand on the brain for a while and I'm finally taking the plunge and changing the name of my blog so that it is more in line with the direction of the content that I want to post. With that change I will also be giving my layout a fresh new look which I am quite excited about. Now I just need to make sure my content and photos can keep up! I will also obviously be updating my various social media accounts to come in line with the new blog name, so I am under the same username everywhere. That way everything slots together nicely, I am easy to find on more than one platform and it all comes together nicely in my brain :)

I'm announcing this before the big change for 2 reasons:
1) To let any regular readers know that in a week or so my blog will be going invisible for a few days whilst I make the relevant changes. I haven't disappeared into the ether and I will be back :)
2) A new name and new avatar/profile photo means that I will most likely pop up in your twitter/ Instagram feeds and you'll be like 'erm who is that?' Well if that's the case...IT'S ME! So please don't delete me thinking I'm a stranger invading your timeline. I will pop a post up on here as soon as the changes are done though so I can introduce you all to the new look for what is currently 'I Buy Pretty Things'.

So that's all I needed to say really. Here's to much more blogging in the future!
See you on the other side.

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