Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hello May!

Yes I'm a little late to the party on this one but I AM here so that's what counts. In my books May is the perfect spring to summer month, so here's what awaits...

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1. Three day weekend. Need I say more? If every weekend was three days the long the world would be a better place. A day for fun, a day for bits that need doing and a day for relaxation. Except I ignored the last two and just did the first this time around.

2. I am off to Center Parcs next week and cannot wait. Yes it a holiday in the UK and yes it might be rainy and chilly, but I don't care. I haven't taken a single day of annual leave yet this year so we are just looking forward to having some outdoorsy chill out time together.We will be bike riding but we're also booked into the spa, so I think we've found a balance. Now I just need to decided what spa treatment to treat myself to.

3. The day after we get back from forest living I will be straight off to Brighton for my sister's hen do weekend. I've never been on a hen do and am quite excited, also obviously because it's extra special as it's my sister. I missed her last trip home so am looking forward to seeing her. And we never get to spend a night out together so it should be fun. Fingers crossed for no rain and the outfit I have in my head will not go well with soggy weather.

4. Busy month at work. I probably end up saying this every month, but it really is a busy time at work for me at the moment so what with having time off I will have to be on top of it all. I did get a little pay rise at the very start of the month though, so I will be doing a silent yay me and using it as motivation to power on.

5. Finally I am hoping to get back into fitness. I picked up a bit of a fitness routine a couple of months ago but over the last 3 weeks it has fallen apart due to work trips, other commitments and not being that well. I want to pick it back up in May. Need to be in shape in case I do ever get that holiday abroad this year. Naturally, I have bought myself new sports bras as motivation...

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