Thursday, 26 June 2014

Little Makeup Haul ft. Ben Nye and MUFE

My favourite foundation has been nearing the end of the bottle for a little while and last week we were approaching crisis territory with only a few drops left. (Yep sure, I have other foundations. But none of them are as good as this one. I know you understand). Reaching the end of my beloved Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation is always a bit of a pain as there are very few stockists in the UK. It's just not a brand we sell here for some reason.

However, one place you can get it is Guru Makeup Emporium which has one store in London and a very handy website, from which I have bought my last few MUFE bottles after running out.

I was tempted by the other brands on the website to add to my order though and after doing some research settled for a couple of the infamous Ben Nye loose face powders. As I was already paying postage for my foundation I told myself it made more sense to buy more things.
Terrible logic.

Although the super famous product is the Banana powder due to Kim K's permanently flawless face and Instragramming of herself all powdered up, I don't think the yellow tone would work for my complexion and, having done a bit of online research, I wanted something that would be an all-over setting powder for me.

I went for the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Buff and the Neutral Set Colourless Powder, both of which have some really strong reviews. These are supposed to be really good at keeping the shine at bay due to the fact that the brand's roots are in theatrical makeup which is what sucked me in as, come lunchtime, I do suffer from the shine. I have only had a dabble so far so can't comment yet on whether they live up to their reputation, but I'll update when they've spent a bit longer in my makeup bag.

Neutral Set, 1.75oz £5.50; Luxury Powder in Buff 1.5oz £9.95

The powder is really finely milled and the tubs come with sifters at the top which are handy but I'm sure will not prevent a powder mishap in the near future. Having said that, I won't sob too much over any spillages as you do get a lot for your money in comparison with high end brands.

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation in shade#20 £29.95

This foundation has truly holy grail status with me after discovering it on my year abroad in France. It's pricey but to me it's worth it. Get the foundation right and everything else falls into place much more easily.

So there's my little shopping haul from last week. If you're interested in either of these brands then I really recommend the stockist Guru Makeup Emporium. Items are always packaged up carefully and usually arrive the very next day. Perfect if you're nearing the panic stage at the end of your favourite foundation.

If you'd be interested in a full post on the foundation or powders (once they've had a fair trial obviously) then I'd be more than happy to oblige so just let me know in the comments :) Oh and I'd love anyone else's thoughts on the Ben Nye powders or any other bits from the range that you think I should try.

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