Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hello July!

June has flown past quicker than you can say suntan lotion and somehow we are already in July, which will be a bit fuller for me than last month. So here's what July has in store for me and what I'm looking forward to in the month ahead... 

1. Live music fun in London. Mark and I managed to get some of those sneaky, super cheap tickets to the British Summer Time gigs in Hyde Park this month so I'll have the chance to hear some live music which I haven't done for a while. We're off to see Arcade Fire tomorrow, which is mostly for him. I know it's not the cool thing to say because Arcade Fire are super trendy, because they're just not really for me. I'm sure it'll be a fun atmosphere regardless and I get my own back on Sunday by dragging him along to see McBusted! Cheesy? Very. But I have a soft spot for McFly and they remind me of my teenage days. They should both be fun days out anyway. Fingers crossed the sun keeps his hat on!

2. Birthdays. My step-dad is turning 60 later on this month and then a day later is Mark's birthday, so lots of celebrations. It should be a fun (albeit expensive!) week or so that I'm looking forward to. Just need to get those pressie ideas sorted now...

3. Spending limit. After a huge clear out and purge of my wardrobe last month I bought myself a few things I needed (and a few I didn't need) to fill the gaps in my summertime wardrobe. Several shopping bags, a few online orders and 2 kaftans later and I'm all shopped out. Coupled with the expensive month I'm likely to have actually doing things in July, I'm not going to be spending any more money on myself for things I don't need until next payday. Because I actually don't need anything. Unless it's broken or has run out, it can wait.

4. Fitness and improved diet. Now that I'm finally feeling better and have a clean bill of health I'm trying to fuel my body better and get in some exercise for my overall well-being as well as that predictable goal of summer toning. It's early days yet as I committed to this a grand total of 2 days ago. But we're on day 3 and going strong so far. This week I am trying to be particularly strict with putting good things into my body and will probably ease off slightly once I'm into the swing of things. I have to say though, I haven't felt any hungrier or less satisfied after having salads and fruit instead of sandwiches and crisps. And I went for a run last night for the first time in months (having previously convinced myself that running just isn't for me and resigning myself to the cross-trainer) and it was the best run I have ever done on that route. Something just clicked into place. Feeling pretty good about all of this at the moment so am hoping to maintain some of it throughout July. Weekends are off-plan cheat days though. Obviously. So don't judge me by my weekend food instagrams!

5. Pre-wedding 'do' #2. My mum, sister and I have a day planned in London as a nice pre-wedding day out. So a very sedate and Mum-friendly sort of hen do I suppose. We have afternoon tea and shoe shopping on the cards. With Nikki living further north and all of us with busy/conflicting work schedules we don't get to see each other as a trio very often so I'm really looking forward to it. I'll remind myself of those sentiments when we're in our 6th crowded shoe shop and Nikki is agonising over what shade of cream the heels she's holding are.

And those are the main things for me this month. Looking pretty positive all round. 
So come on July, let's be having you.

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