Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Week in Photos

So here's what I've been up to lately, according to Instagram... And it appears to have involved a lot of food!

1. Wearing the first summary outfit of the. I forgot I'd bought this summery mint boucle skirt back in the depths of winter in the sale and had stored it away until I could wear with bare  legs.

2. Speaking of legs, I needed fake tan to get mine out.

3. I met up with one of my best university friends who I haven't seen in far too long and we went to a really tasty Italian tapas-style restaurant near work. The food was so nice.

4. Reorganising my wardrobe. This is the 'before'.

5. Kindle and pasta as my lunchtime companions.

6. I bought my first kimono having had my eye on this one from New Look. It wouldn't typically be my style, but I just love them!

7. I adored these sandals even though they are horrendously tacky. Sadly they had to go back because the sizing was so bizarre/crap (foot wouldn't go through straps...). BUT I have since found and bought a nicer and higher quality pair for a better price :)

8. First time at Jamie's Italian. Very nice, although not tastiest pasta I've ever had.

9. Trying out a peel off face mask. Love the novelty.

10. Picked up this cream shirt from Zara to brighten up my summer outfits a bit.

11. Afternoon cocktail. A but naughty but very much appreciated.

12. More food. Sorry.

13. I had my brows threaded for the first time at Blink. Full post to come...

14. Giving a lot of love to the Primark sandals. Perfect summer shoes for work as they're not too high but look smart and are surprisingly very comfy.

15. Rooting for England in World Cup. Seems like such a long time ago now...

16. My first taste of Itsu. So yummy but so far away from my office.

17. Kimono number 2. I love the colour but unfortunately so do those little black flying bugs that are everywhere in the summer. Not really an item for the outdoors it turns out.

18. First BBQ of the year and these are the delicious cocktails my friend made, with gin, elderflower cordial, apple juice and fresh mint. So nice and refreshing. Complete with cute straws.

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