Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The quarter-life crisis

Later this week, on 15th November, it is my birthday and I will be turning 25. Twenty Five.

Age has never really bothered me before but this one just doesn't sit right with me. I can't make my peace with it. 25 is the real deal. University is now a long way behind me (thank goodness) and I'm meant to be forging my own way in life. I'm supposed to be fully fledged.

In plain speak, 25 is the age where you start to get your sh*t together. Isn't it? But the path of life is not smooth, or at least not direct, and being an adult isn't always as perfect and brilliant as you imagine it will be when you're growing up.

Your mid twenties are when you start to question things in your life and constantly re-evaluate. You question your career path, your living arrangements, your salary, what you spend your money on,  whether you have enough hobbies, whether you have the right hobbies, how much you're saving in the bank, your relationships, your fitness schedule (or lack of), your personal style, how your life compares to your peers', whether you're making the right impression. And whether your hair style is short enough to be taken more seriously but still long enough to be flippy and carefree and to convince people you're still a cool twenty-something. Unless that last one's just me...

Of course when I'm saying 'you' I'm really saying 'I' and 'my'. Yes my friends, I think I'm having a bit of a quarter life crisis. (Well, a quarter might be optimistic as realistically I am unlikely to live to the grand age of 100, but probably best we don't dwell on that).

Maybe I'll get back to you next week and tell you that I've got over it already and am embracing my age and ready to tackle life with less unsurety. Or I might still be floundering. We'll see.

For now I say bring on the birthday as, although I'm not looking forward to the number, I am looking forward to the fun. And the wine. Definitely the wine.

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