Monday, 1 December 2014

Hello December!

The cold has set in and it's officially winter weather now, so here's what awaits me in December...

1. Long weekend away. Mark and I are heading to the Scottish highlands next week for a 4/5 day mini break away. I know it's going to be pretty chilly but I am really looking forward to it. I'm thinking fresh air, walks and cosy pubs. We have sorted our flights and car hire but not booked any accommodation as yet so need to get that sorted this weekend. I've been taking a laid back approach to planning the trip but have found a few things that we definitely want to tick off on our trip.

2. Seeing friends. The festive period means that everyone's workload is a little more relaxed and there will be more time to spend having wine and catchups with friends. One of my best friends lives in Seattle and is coming back home for Christmas so I cannot wait to see her. Yes we keep in touch with Skype and Whatsapp but you can't beat a girly chat over cups of tea.

3. Work Christmas lunch. This is always a very indulgent affair - my company goes big on the Christmas do. Essentially write off the day from 12pm onwards and expect to take on ample amounts of food and wine courtesy of the boss. I see it as my reward for the year's hard work! The Christmas meals can be a bit awkward in places but are generally a good laugh and a chance to see the rest of our geographically spread out team. And get a good rousing speech from the boss. Leave for home before the remaining guests move on to the next bar or pub and you're normally onto a winner.

4. Time to recharge. We have a fairly generous 'work from home' policy in our company for the Christmas Eve to New Year period. So although I will still be doing work, I can't wait for the much needed opportunity to slow down my pace of life for a couple of weeks. I could do without the daily commute to/from London and the lack of daylight hours for a short while. A good opportunity to reflect on things and recharge the batteries ready for the new year. I'm sure I'll be going stir crazy by the end of it though!

5. Christmas. I couldn't really get away with writing this post and not mentioning the big 'C' word. Yes I am looking forward to Christmas and all the festivities and nice-ness. I'm not full of seasons greetings just yet though. I will reserve full excitement until around the second week of December when it 'feels' more Christmassy to me. I am looking forward to Christmas shopping, everyone being that little bit nicer, yummy food, board games, family time and festive films. I just can't embrace it all yet. Baby steps.

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