Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Something different

I'm going out with friends on Saturday to celebrate a birthday and...hold the phones...I am not going to be wearing my usual going out uniform of black skinny jeans and a 'nice' top. Yep, for real.

I'm not much of a dress wearer (I find them fidgety and often too girly for me), I usually avoid Topshop (which I think is often over-priced) and I never do bodycon styles (too much bum). But here I am ticking all of those boxes. I fancied a change and this dress caught my eye when I was doing some shopping at the weekend and I just liked it. It was that simple. I tried it on and umm'd and ahh'd for a while but three days later it was still on my mind so I popped out to Topshop on Oxford St in my lunch break today and did the deed.

This Topshop Tall Jersey Asymmetric Bodycon dress is now in my possession and I will be wearing it on Saturday, so there'll be no time to linger in my wardrobe with the tags still attached.

A word on the fit: I went for the version from the tall range as I find dresses/skirts from standard high street ranges can be scandalously short on me. So if you're 5 ft 7" or upwards and prefer your hemlines to cover a little more than your bum then you might be happier with the longer fit.

The dress is quite a thick jersey which feels restrictive when you're trying to wiggle your top half into it but is fine once it's on. It seems to help pull you in a bit anyway and makes the close fit more flattering. I was tempted to up-size to allow a bit more room for my aforementioned bum and thighs but the next size up just looked unflattering and rumpled so I just embraced the bodycon fit. It doesn't feel too skin tight or exposing though, probably again down to the thick material. And the final point --> It was only £24. Now that's more like it Topshop.

I think I'm going to be wearing this with over the knee black suede boots and of course some opaque tights so I don't freeze. Or have to shave my legs. But mostly the temperature thing. I will add a scarf and some jewellery to break up the all black but my main question is...what undies? Bodycon always brings with it the dreaded visible pant line, even with pants which are seamless/no-VPL/tiny/huge. Will have to think about this one a bit more. No one wants a good dress ruined by bad pants.

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