Friday, 2 January 2015

Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015. Weird, right?

It's that time of year again when we reflect on the past and look forward to the next 12 months, and hope to make a few tweaks here and there to improve. The new year and beginning of January is one of my favourite times of year and I love the fresh feeling that comes with it.

Yes you will be flooded with negative Nancys telling you that you could make a change on any given day if you wanted to and that you don't have to wait until the new year. True. Or that most people break their new year's resolutions by mid-February, if not within a week of making them. Also true. Or that making grand goals and promising to stick to them rigidly is unobtainable and that you're setting yourself up to fail.

But, you know, for some people it just works to refresh and restart with a new year. And anyway, it's nice having something to aim for. If you resolve to make huge changes which are out of sorts with your current lifestyle/personality/environment then yes you are less likely to be able to achieve them immediately and therefore more likely to feel disappointed or like you've 'failed' at them.
So don't do that. Goals are better than Resolutions. Things to aim for, build upon, improve at.

Last Year

Right at the start of last year I posted my goals for 2014, which you can read here if you fancy it. Like I said at the time, these were goals to help me be a better version of 'me' and you know what? I actually achieved quite a lot with them. No I didn't complete everything to perfection but that's not really the point is it. I can look back and see that I made progress in several of the areas I had highlighted to do so. Success. I even rebranded this blog into something I'm really happy with, which I never thought I'd get around to tackling!
I feel like I started to build a fairly solid foundation for adult 'me' in 2014. Managing money, promotions at work, controlling stress and worry much better. Lots of those things are on the right track and whilst I will continue working on them, they don't need to be the focus of my goals this year. So what next?

The New Year

This year is slightly different. I will be carrying a few more predictable and measurable points forwards from last year but I have some bigger ideas or projects that I want to work towards more.

1. Fitness. The most predictable new year goal ever. Hello clich├ęd me. I did manage to up this in the spring/summer of 2014 but once the dark nights and mornings drew in I was hopeless. Need a new strategy this year. One that doesn't just involve buying nice workout clothes. I want those toned legs.

2. Languages. With the exception of going on a French-speaking trip earlier this year I failed miserably at making any real effort to maintain or improve my French. It's one of those things that I know I should do but has no instant gratification. Must try harder. I was also bought a German language course for Christmas so I've no excuses. I can't learn another language if I can't manage to maintain the first! Hopefully I can report back more favourably next year...

3. Moving. My desire to move out into an apartment with my boyfriend remains...but still hasn't happened for a number of reasons, not all monetary. I'm not saying I will be moving in 2015 (mostly because it'll be depressing if I say I am and then look back in a year and haven't) but I want to put down some less vague plans and timelines for this.

4. De-clutter. My life and my possessions. Although I like having 'stuff' I really would like to have less of it in my life. Difficult to achieve because my personality is double-edged in that I like my environment to be simplistic and clean and tidy but I am also a natural hoarder and like to buy things. Makeup included. I just want to make my choices more simple, and I think this is going to start with a wardrobe purge. Maybe even this week if I'm feeling ruthless. I'm planning on writing a fuller post about this if/when it takes place and have a great blog to recommend to you if you're also feeling that 2015 is the year of less 'stuff'! Don't worry, I'm not about to go all eco-minimalist on you, I just don't need a wardrobe full of things I never wear.

5. Use things. This links nicely to the previous point but I really need to use up more of the things I have. I don't need to hoard and I don't need to save things for 'best'. Definitely a trait I have inherited from my dear mum. Again, I am thinking mostly about makeup and beauty products when I say this. I only need so many moisturisers for my one face.

6. More time. Vague, right? I would like to make more time for doing the things I enjoy and want to do but never actually do because there's always something that needs doing instead. I will never completely calm my always-busy-always-should-be-doing-something brain, which is fine, but sometimes I should try.

Guiding Words

Finally, I was inspired by Gemma at Tiny Little Pieces who focuses on a different word each year to help guide her. The word she chose this year really resonated with me:


For me, this year, this is perfect. There should be lots of change and opportunities for me in the coming year so I really want to run with it. I've been planting the seeds for a while, now it's time to water them.

So that's me done with the self-indulgent posts for one week. What are your goals for 2015? And what would your word be for the coming year?

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