Friday, 1 January 2016

A Word On The New Year

2016. Here we are.

New year blog posts are some of my favourite to read so, despite not really being in the blogging game much in 2015, I couldn't resist putting my two pence in.

People tend to have mixed feelings about new year's day but for me, it's always positive. Not everyone benefits from having a mental 'clean break' in order to make changes, and I get that. But for those who it does give a little nudge to, the new year is the perfect opportunity to think about things in a fresh way.

For 2016 I have chosen, similarly to last year, to select a word which guides want I want to achieve in the coming year, rather than a list of resolutions. Don't get me wrong, I have some oh-so-predictable goals in mind too, but I'm focusing more on the bigger picture this time.

So that word is: "lightness". (Hence the feather pic, get it?)

I want to work on having a lighter approach to life in 2016 in lots of different aspects. 

It's difficult to explain, but when I think of all the things I want to achieve, experience, work towards and be a part of this year, lightness sums up how I want this to be.

I had some great experiences and positive changes in 2015, but in all honesty the last few months weren't the best for me. It could have been worse, sure, but it also could have been much better. I'm hoping to draw a line under and leave it behind in 2015. No, I can't guarantee that nothing negative is going to come my way in 2016. But I can give myself some breathing space and get ready to roll with the punches better-prepared and from a different mindset.

2016 already promises some really fun things and for the first time in a little while I am looking forward to what is to come. And I'm hoping to once again get back into sharing these things with you (I FINALLY have a laptop again, so there should be no stopping me!).

So come on, let's do this.

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