Saturday, 23 January 2016

Beauty Haul

Beauty haul? About time.

(I've gone for the Instagram pic, not just the worst quality photo ever. Let's see how that goes).

I had a lovely day off from work yesterday so decided to take myself for a potter around the shops. It was glorious. Nice and quiet because, ya know, January and everyone's still eeking out that early pay packet.

It was a very successful trip actually and, having sorted out some overdue boring bank stuff, I gave myself a little pat on the back for saving so diligently that I erm, decided to spend. Counter-intuitive? A little.

I bought some clothes in Zara and Oasis, some of which I have already rotated into my wardrobe today. And most of them were sale bargains so I'm smug as well as happy. Clothes don't blog well for me though so errr, you'll just have to take my word for it that they're nice.

So instead you've got a photo of the beauty bits I bought.
I needed another of my staple La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + and I spied the Serozinc toner next to it. I'm not sure how long Boots have been stocking this for, but last thing I heard it was online stockists only for the UK. I've been wanting to try it for a while so I grabbed two as there was a 3 for 2 offer and nothing else I needed.

I've been sucked in by Maybelline's blanket PR campaign for this new The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara so I bought that too as it was on offer and I am a sucker for mascaras. I normally let mascaras oxidise a bit before I properly use them but the formula seemed quite thick already when I gave it a quick go this morning. I'll reserve my judgement until I've used it properly though and seen if it holds up to it's 'push up' claims, as well as my own smudge-proof needs (# oily lid problems).

Last stop was TKMaxx where I bought this mahoosive bottle of TIGI Catwalk Your Highness shampoo. Never tried it or heard about it before, but the target market of fine, lifeless hair which is prone to static sounded like it was aimed at me. Watch this space. I could have bought the conditioner too, but I'm of the opinion that it doesn't really matter what conditioner you use, unless you have really dry hair. Surely the shampoo is what counts? I may be wrong though, so if you disagree and think I should be matching my conditioners to shampoos then please let me know!

I also bought a Nails Inc gel effect nail polish in the colour 'West End' which is an orangey red. Had it on a day so I can only comment on the fact that I love the colour.

Also, not in the photo or beauty related in the slightest but definitely deserves a mention. I got myself a  rose gold pen from Paperchase. That'll be my little bit of luxury at work on Monday. So a heads up to any fellow stationery lovers! Only £5 too :)

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