Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The New Year: Using What I Have

So back in my new year post I explained that I was focusing on a guiding word for 2016, which summed up the sorts of things I want to achieve and what I would like my life to reflect in the coming year. All grand.

Although I want to put more emphasis on the bigger picture in this way this year, there are obviously some more specific things I have in mind for myself too. Most of these simply reinforce my 'bigger picture' idea and slot neatly in, but there is one that I am picking out on this blog so that I can hold myself accountable to it and as a sort of mental note for myself. Plus it's not something serious enough that I will look back on and berate myself for if I haven't made as much progress as I perhaps could have done. Because that is so not the point this year.

Using the things I have.

Sounds so simple, right? But I am such a closet hoarder. I have way too much 'stuff'. Partly caused by being a 26 yr-old cramming their life into a single room in their parents' house. But also caused by the fact that I. Love. 'Stuff'. I'm sure there's probably a psychological reason as to why I feel the need to be surrounded by and acquire more things, particularly when I already have similar versions of those things. But let's not dwell, eh?

I hate clutter and frequently have clear-out and tidying sessions, and yet I still seem to accumulate things that ultimately I do not need. Primarily I am thinking I need to use up beauty/cosmetic/body products. Obviously a love of mine, and therefore I have lots of half used things. Saving things for 'best' comes into this, and is something that makes absolutely no logical sense. Then I have my semi-capsule wardrobe thing going on, which I half did. That needs a re-do. And a stricter one at that. And the let's not even start on the stationery. What can I say, cute notebooks are my thing. Oh an post-its. Let's not forget post-its.

So there we have it. Very little structure or reeeeal point to that post, other than to remind myself to USE THINGS. After all, if I run out of something I truly love or need, I can always buy another. And lord knows I will.

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