Thursday, 7 January 2016

USA Road Trip - The Introduction

Have I mentioned that this year (2016... It still feels weird saying that!) is the year that Mark and I embark on road trip holiday around the west coast area of the USA? I haven't mentioned that before?! I don't know how, because I'm really bloody excited for it.

So excited that I even have a countdown app on my phone. Now that is commitment.

We have had this holiday in the pipeline for a couple of years now but have had to delay it for various reasons until this year. But we actually have flights booked now, for May 2016. So it's very real.

I'll be posting more as we get nearer to the trip; things like our rough travel route, pack list, logistics etc. But for now I just wanted to share the excitement and also hoover up any tips you might have or recommendations if you've done a similar trip (Think Arizona and California)

3 weeks. 2 states. 1 car. 1 epic playlist. And all the American food you can dream of.

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