Monday, 7 March 2016

USA Road Trip - The Route and The Planning

I mentioned the fact that my boyfriend and I are going on a 3 week road trip around Las Vegas and California in this post a couple of months ago. We sketched out a rough idea of locations to visit ages ago and then finally booked our flights more recently. And then sat back basically feeling like we'd done most of the hard work. Not so much.

We've now finally put the time in to sketch out an actual route so we can book any accommodation that has to be sorted in advance, for fear of otherwise having to sleep in our car. We're not planning on booking rooms in advance for every stop, but the places which are busy or will be very expensive if left to the last minute we're going to book now and have as a framework for our trip. So we'll have a little more freedom with the other locations to play it by ear when we're there.

So without further ado, here is where we will be for 3 weeks in May:

Las Vegas --> Grand Canyon --> Red Rock Canyon/Hoover Dam --> Death Valley -->
Yosemite --> San Francisco --> West Coast/Big Sur --> Los Angeles

We're not planning to pick up our car until we leave Las Vegas and then we'll drop it off again in SF whilst we're there, ready to pick up another car to take down the coast.

We obviously have some specific things we want to do in each location, like visiting Alcatraz and cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge in SF, and spending time in Disneyland and Universal Studios in LA, but I'll save those details for the post-trip posts I think.

As it stands, we have booked a hotel for Yosemite (who knew that basically EVERYWHERE would already be booked 5 months in advance) and I have my finger hovering over the 'book room' button for the Luxor in Vegas.

So so excited for the whole thing! Next I think I'll need to turn my attentions to my holiday wardrobe. Because you know I've already been buying things specifically because 'they'll be great for the holiday'. May need to streamline that slightly, especially as our luggage will be coming everywhere with us!

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Things have been a little quiet around here recently. And things have been pretty sombre in real life too.

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen me post a photo of my little Jack Russell Meg recently, marking her passing. All the kind comments I received were very much appreciated, so thank you for those.

Meggy very sadly passed away last week, at the grand old age of 16, and has left us all completely heartbroken in her absence. Having had her since she was 8 weeks old, I've had Meg in my life for more than two thirds of it, and have looked after her very closely for the last few years in her old age. Needless to say, she has left a very large doggy-shaped hole in my heart.

Despite her old age, her death came really unexpectedly and the week has just felt very numb ever since. We have 2 other dogs so the house has not been completely silent but everything just feels so strange.

There are so many fellow animal lovers in the blogging community and anyone who has lost a pet will know that it's one of the most heart-breaking things. You're losing a family member, and one that relied on you to keep them safe. Animals just have a way of getting into your heart.

It didn't feel right not the mark the passing of my little furry best friend on here, but things are getting better and hopefully life will look a little brighter soon.

Sweet dreams Meggy. I hope you're off causing terrier mischief.