Sunday, 29 January 2017

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

When I published my 'welcome to 2017' type blog post on 1st January I had a lot of ideas for posts and was full of motivation again for writing, which is something I've always loved doing. I assumed I'd be doing at least weekly posts here again, no problem.

Clearly that's not the case though as - oh hello - it's 29th January now and this is post #2 of the new year.

I have been a bit limited on free time this month and when I have had a spare moment I haven't necessarily felt in the mood to write. But the main thing holding me back from posting always is that I don't like photography. Controversial in the blog world but true. Of course I love pretty pictures and enjoy the gorgeous photography on so many other blogs. And when I take a photo that actually looks nice or comes off how I envisaged it then I'm really pleased with that image. But I'm just not all that interested in photography and don't have the skills, inclination or patience to spend time setting up shots with the right aesthetics. Or to plan photos in advance and wait for the winter sun to actually make an appearance for an hour so I can cram all my shots in then for various posts.I admire the many girls who do this and respect the level of effort that goes into that. But I'm just not very good at or that into taking photos. I don't have the patience, which I think is the main thing.

In addition I'm not great at matching photos to posts that don't have an obvious sort of image that should accompany them. And I'm not super photogenic myself, so multiples of my face are not the answer there for me.

And so, in the current day when blogs look so much more professional and the time readers typically spend on a page actually reading the words is less and less, I worry that without the images to back up my words I don't have much to offer. Or at least not for the instant 'grab' needed, before the reader can be hooked by the writing or personality behind a blog.

So there we have it. That's one of the main reasons I don't blog as much as I would like to, or as often as I have ideas to type up for posts. I'm going to try not to let this hold back my blogging so much though this year. 
Watch this space!

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