I'm Hannah and welcome to my blog.
I'm 27 years old and from the South East of England, working in London and living nearby.
Here I am, just in case you were curious.

I've been documenting pure waffle on the internet in various forms since 2008 when I stumbled upon the YouTube beauty community (back in the day when Lollipop26 was still Lollipop26 and 'unboxing' a beauty box wasn't a thing).

Girl Chat is a more recent rebrand for me though, bringing things up to date and representing what I want to be documenting online today.
(You might have come over from heartsandsquiggles or ibuyprettythings, both of which were more beauty focused).

I write about the things I get up to, my life, beauty bits, clothes I wear, things I buy, things I eat and all the bits and pieces in between. It's basically everything you might chat about with your girl friends. But online. And with me.

So grab a cup of tea and stay a while. I'm nice, I promise :)

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